In the last7days series on this blog I’ll revisit interesting content from twitter from the last 7 days and I’ll add further comments or responses to feedback which I got. The list will have about 3-5 pieces of content to keep it crisp and I hope you like what you see!

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1) How I took my SaaS from idea to sold in 14 months by @joemasilotti

This is case study about someone building up a SaaS solution from a personal need, where he didn’t find a proper existing solution. Main message: success like this doesn’t come over night but needs some persistence first.

2) A choas monkey like game i your kubernertes cluster by

This is a remarkable usecase, where the author combined #unity skills with the understanding how to build #kubernetes clusters: as a human chaos monkey you can shutdown certain parts of your kubernetes based application and see whether and how the cluster rebuilds itself.

Of course you wouldn’t want to do this in your productive application cluster, but a very cool usecase anyway.

3) Medieval skeletons tell story of social inequality in Cambridge by @JenLucPiquant

THis is a forensical study of two medieval cemetaries in Cambridge, UK: it shows based on the knowledge that two cemetaries were used by difference social classes, that people died very different deaths. Knowing Cambridge as a city and being interested in all things history, this was very well written story.

4) The Pragmatic Pragmatic Programmer by @rchaves

This is a good read about different #developer types and how tradeoffs e.g. related to technical debt can be made.

I am happy to get feedback from you!