In the last7days series on this blog I’ll revisit interesting content from twitter from the last 7 days and I’ll add further comments or responses to feedback which I got. The list will have about 3-5 pieces of content to keep it crisp and I hope you like what you see!

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1) Open Infrastructure Map by @russss

This is a visualization of infrastructure (in the sense of utility data) in OpenStreetmap, which you otherwise could very well query from the OSM API, but which are regularly not shown in

OpenInfraMap for my home city Heidelberg

The beauty of the OpenStreetMap datam model is described at nodes, ways and relations can be enriched with all kinds of tags, which - when standardized for a specific community - can create visualizations such as the above mentioned one. More visualizations on top of OSM can be found in the OSM Wiki.

The structured data model can also be used to create something like an audit trail for data in OSM, such as shown at

2) Lessons learned on SaaS pricing by

Another lessons learned story from a SaaS company: they describe, that putting your customer under stress related to when they could or should reach a certain subscription level does largely not help and that this could let users shy away from your solution.

I am happy to get feedback from you!