In the last7days series on this blog I’ll revisit interesting content from twitter from the last 7 days and I’ll add further comments or responses to feedback which I got. The list will have about 3-5 pieces of content to keep it crisp and I hope you like what you see!

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The age of Scrum is over by @Chris Lennon

I don’t share the catchy title, but #scrum != #agile and there are areas where scrum simply doesn’t fit from my experience (eg in an #operations team).

Web scraping with Python open knowledge by @pigivinciguerra

I had also already sometimes tasks, which included webscraping data (even from the early days of the #opendata movement) and this list of resources gets you started with the current tools.

Knots 3D – Learn how to tie over 150 useful knots by @knots3d

A new mobile app, which contains stunning animations about how to get your knots right.

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