In the last7days series on this blog I’ll revisit interesting content from twitter from the last 7 days and I’ll add further comments or responses to feedback which I got. The list will have about 3-5 pieces of content to keep it crisp and I hope you like what you see!

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TorchGeo is a PyTorch domain library by @bradneuberg

With my new hardware, a Macbook Air M1, I have the idea to learn some ML framework and I picked PYTorch after some HackerNews research. Then @bradneuberg came along with TorchGeo, which has both special means to analyze geo-data with PyTorch and it also allows easy handling of datasets like LandSat. This promises to be a good basis for finding interesting questions and to try to solve them.

I also got myself the PyTorch kompakt book, to have something to learn from.

My Big Fat Monolithic Alert by Boris Cherkasky

This is a great #reallife story on how to deal with the operations challenges of monolithic systems.

How to Use a Laptop as a Second Display for Your Desktop by David Nield

Surprisingly enough this article on twitter brought me a very high level of interactions, so it seems to be interesting to learn how to use the new Universal Control feature on Apple devices. My initial experience about Universal Control is positive, however there are some glitches to be ironed out. (E.g. sometimes one needs to kill off the sharing on the iPad, when it hang itself up).

I am happy to get feedback from you!