I’m Daniel and i live in Heidelberg.

I love taking photos, some of them you’ll be able to see on this blog. Next to this I love dealing with architecture and history next to singing at Rosakehlchen, which is a local gay choir in Heidelberg, Germany. I am a tech afficionado as well (e.g. having the local The Things Network group in the region or building various things with the Raspberry Pi.)

In my professional life I am an IT Manager @ SAP, leading a team which builds an Elastic-based Monitoring Data Lake for SAP Cloud Operations using DevOps and CI/CD principles. In this capacity I deal also with monitoring & observability topics.

On the side I am curious for the concept of small-scale, niche SaaS-offerings. I have some ideas about them, but nothing running out there yet. I also intend to write about my process of building such services, which - based on my skillset - will most likely happen based on Python, Django and Amazon Web Services, in short AWS.